I have recorded parts of the feed from the Howard Stern show on Sirius.
I have dumped them into Adobe Audition and edited them down to what you will here in the following links.
The newest bits added are the the top

Mp3 File Sal and Richard in China - Join the revolution
Mp3 File Sal, Richard, and Wendy prank Riley Martin
Mp3 File Howard plays submission's by listener's 09.26.2006
15:31.884 long (maybe different on player)
Mp3 File Sport's reporter drops the F bomb live on the air
Mp3 File Richard and Wendy prank public TV - Science guy
Mp3 File Richard prank rich guy
Mp3 File Howard was live on Adam Corolla's show on 09.25.2006
Mp3 File Sal or Richard use crazy Alice's voice to prank hair salon
Mp3 File Richard prank public TV - Politics guy
Mp3 File Bigfoot tries to rent a truck
Mp3 File Phone prank old lady using Ronnie the limo driver's voice
Mp3 File Sal prank public TV - Preacher
Mp3 File Sal prank taxi company using Howard's mom's voice
Mp3 File Howard talks to Bam Margera about walking off the air on 09.19.2006
Mp3 File Howard says the rumors are not true on 09.19.2006
Mp3 File Sal stuck his foot in his mouth 09.19.2006
Mp3 File Prank phone call - Chinese restaurant
Mp3 File Sal and Richard prank public TV - Yankee talk
Mp3 File Sal and Richard prank public TV - Science Guy
Mp3 File Sal and Richard prank public TV - Hugs for Harlem
Mp3 File Sal and Richard prank public TV - Down the Rabbet Hole
Mp3 File Sal and Richard prank Gary - Flu


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